iPad Refurb FTW!

Four years ago I bought an Apple Macbook Pro 15″ and loved it! I still wish I could go back to Apple for my computing needs. The thing lasted me almost three years and was solid in beautiful shape. Alas its a little pricey to get back in to especially while you’re trying to work your way out of what ever situation you ended up in due to “the recession”. While Apple’s iPad is pretty hot and tempting, or for you old skool peeps PHAT, its also not quite netbook cheap. So what’s this got to do with refurb?

The latest news around the iPad is about Apple’s plan to  address the eventual death of a battery powered device. Apple says they are going to simply replace the entire iPad. Presumably the battery, like most iPod’s is not user replaceable which begs the question what happens to the rest of the device after Apple takes it back. They could pull some shenanigans and replace the battery and re-sell it as new but that would be, I think, illegal. More likely they will be re-selling them as refurbished at a discounted price. So my advice to you, wait a month or so after the thing hits the street and pick one up on the cheap from Apple’s refurbished sales site.