Random Thoughts on UI

Button Button Who’s Got the Button? I read a blog recently, which I don’t have the link for, that was pondering if the buttons layed out in rows is the ‘best’ interface for touch devices. Cnet’s Buzz Out Loud podcast also put forward similar pondering’s but as related to some of the current Apple shenanigans. Lets get real about all this silly pondering. All the icons on the desktop are are buttons. Icons are the virtual equivalent of a button. If this isn’t the ideal layout/format for a finger friendly interface than all those folks who make and use keyboards, mice, elevators, vending machines, tons of kitchen appliances, cameras, game controllers and nuclear devices during the past century have been wrong. Some how I don’t think we, meaning every one in the entire world, has been doing it wrong for a century and if we have then civilization is doomed. I think we’re doing ok so lets put all the to rest. K, thanks!