Apple iPhone Conspiracy Theory

I’m not one to get all crazy over conspiracy theories and I think you’ll find that most level headed geeks aren’t either but this latest “leak” and soap opera with Apple and the new 4th generation iPhone definitely begs asking some questions.  There are plenty of stories out there about it at Gizmodo, Engadget, Gawker and the like and you can go get caught up with the story there. I’m simply going to discuss some key points and how odd they seem. While I’m certainly no Leo Laporte I’d like to think I have a more realistic view of the state of things being one of the tech peons. Leo has stated on multiple podcasts that he doesn’t believe this situation was a setup or a publicity stunt. I have to take the opposite stance. Here’s why.

First is that this thing was even found in the first place. We hear stories about how the iPad prior to release has to have special window-less bunkers constructed and the device tethered to tables and what not. The iPad is kind of a lesser device to the popularity and thus profitability of the iPhone. It’s certain that if the security required for a lesser device like the iPad is as heightened as it was that it’s certainly higher for the iPhone. How then does such a device get loose? I’d say it’s highly unlikely unless its on purpose.
On a similar note regarding secrecy and control I doubt that Apple let an engineer or any one for that matter out of the house with a prototype device to do testing outside of business hours and with out a check in/out process to ensure their assets are under control. Which means the only way this got out is if it was on purpose or was taken with out permission.
Which brings me to yet another point. Via Leo Laporte and his story telling there is a case where an iPad 3G was shown to Wozniak who happens to be an Apple employee, if only honorary, and the dude who showed it to him got fired. As of yet there are no reports of the guy who lost this phone being fired at all. You want me to believe that one apple employee lets another look at a prototype/pre-release device outside of the company property and they get fired and yet another employee loses a prototype all together and he gets to stay. I know corporate BS can be backwards some times but this sort of thing is high dollar stuff to these companies and when things like that happen heads roll. No way no how this guy gets off the hook if it wasn’t on purpose. I do suppose it’s likely it may yet happen under the table and on the down low but until then you have to wonder.
Finally is just the timing. Right at the same time that the most amazing and beautiful Android phone is about to see the light of day. Certainly interesting timing. Android market share has been climbing like a two stage booster rocket lately and it certainly seems like the sort of grandiose thing Apple needed to do to turn peoples attention away from all the Android goodness.
Just some things to think about. Leave some comments or hit me up on twitter and let me know what you think.