Today I Quit Facebook

I could write pages upon pages as to why I’m quiting Facebook but I won’t rehash whats all ready been written about numerous times else where. I’ll give two brief reasons and then post links to the full explanation of reasons to drop this horrible excuse for a service. First is that Facebook has proven themselves unworthy of maintaining my data online. They’ve done this by making plays to free my data from me and put it out there for advertisers and themselves to make money. As if the ads weren’t enough. Second is that it is just one more place to put information that is all ready available else where. In fact Facebook for me is so automated I all ready don’t visit it for weeks at a time. My blog auto posts to Facebook and my Twitter auto posts status so I have very few reasons to check the site. It’s just to much over head.

I could go on and find more but this should cover the bases.