Getting Pictures Off the Playstation 3 the Internet Way

As most of you know I’ve been playing the snot out of Modnation Racers. One of the sweet features that the game includes is the ability to screen shot your creations and in turn use them as your Playstation 3’s wallpaper. Playstation home, Little Big Planet and a ton of other games have this feature as well. The Playstation 3 is super flexible in what it can do and yet there seem to be some pieces missing. For example I can copy the pictures to a thumb drive or external USB drive but I can’t send to e-mail accounts from the communications section so there is no networked, internet based way to get this content off the system. I’ve done some searches to try to figure out how to do it and all suggestions are to use the sneaker net approach. I wasn’t having any of that. So here is how to get your pictures off the system using the wonderful world of networking and the internet.

Go to the Playstation 3’s browser and navigate to your favorite e-mail service provider. Mine in this case is Google GMail. Fill in your own e-mail address. Then click on your link/icon to attach files. You will now have access to the file browser on the Playstation 3 and be able to select any images you like. Attach away! Google e-mail lets you download multiple files as a zip attachment so I can attach a bunch of pictures and then on my computer I can pull them down in one download. Super simple and effective.

Below are attachments of some of my creations in Modnation Racers as well as some of the other hard work from other players.