Android: Backbreaker THE Phone Game

Backbreaker probably won’t break your back but it will certainly break your motivation to do anything else but play it and probably break your ability to install anything else on your phone. The game graphics are great, the game play is simple and addictive and the price at $2.99 is most definitely right. While it’s true that there are some games out there worth more than their $.99 price tag this one comes with the polish and extensive features that make it worth the price.

Lets talk game play. Rather than try what many games have to bring a full blown controller to the system in order to replicate games for things like full blown consoles this game is realistic about when and where it will be played. They’ve opted for an arcade style of play relying on six large buttons around the bottom edge of the screen to control the pair of left and right controls and the two modifier buttons speed and showboat. No passing, no turbo and no play calling, just you and the opposing team. It’s good simple fun.

Graphics wise it’s definitely one of the best looking games I’ve seen on a phone. I don’t play a lot of phone games so that isn’t saying much but I do play a lot of games and the game is not tough to look at. Animations are a big part of this game. Some how they managed to get very realistic animation in to a phone game. I can’t tell for  sure but it looks like the animations may be dynamic and at least lightly physics based.

If I had to apply numbers I think 9 out of 10 is fair. It’s not perfect but it’s definitely the most fun I’ve had playing a game on a phone.