Pogo and the Music of Voice

It’s hard to explain what Pogo does with the music and movies involved in these videos. I think it’s way beyond being considered simply a Mashup or a Remix. Each of these has been sampled in to such tiny bits and reconstituted it’s hardly recognizable as the original content. Certainly the images lend to identification but if you took the images away you’d have no idea the audio came from a popular film. I think one of the commentors on youtube said it best.

@Baxayaun I agree. I’m a native-English speaker and I have long since learned that Pogo does not use samples of the human voice to create lyrics. Rather, he uses them as another percussive element. He’s taking the human voice and using it in a completely different way; not giving it lyrical meaning in the traditional sense of the word, but simply using it for the sound it makes and the notes it hits. Not that sampling hasn’t been done before, but it hasn’t exactly been done like *this*.

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