So yes I’m a little late getting this out there but I figured if you read this you’ve probably all ready read the previews and reviews and may be wondering if the game is any good. So all I’m going to tell you is YES! Deathspank is spectacular. If you enjoy the sort of humor that is common to games like Monkey Island, Monty Python and The Tick! then you’ll love the writing found in Deathspank. If you enjoy fun colorful crazy and zany fantasy worlds then you will love Deathspank. If you enjoy button mashing hack and slash games with a light RPG sheen then you will love Deathspank. If you love killing cartoon chickens then you will love Deathspank! To sum things up, you will love Deathspank!

I know, you don’t believe me. Please just go play it your self and then we can talk again. Talk about how much you love Deathspank!