Windows Phone 7 and Mobile Gaming

I’m excited! I’m excited for what is about to happen in online mobile gaming. Mashable of all places has a long list of games coming out on Windows Phone 7 and Engadget has some great videos showing off all the sweet Xbox Live features integrated in to the system. While I do own an Xbox live account this is still not enough to warrant buying a new smart phone just to scratch that gaming itch. I suppose it helps that just recently this story about Sony having some sort of Android based gaming device possibly with the PSP branding coming to market. Roll this up with Google’s moves towards bringing gaming to Android(Slide and Zynga) in response to Apples push for mobile gaming and the competition is about to get heated. This of course is great for gamers as we’ll have tons of choices, tons of things to talk and debate about and even more to play.


Personally I’m still banking on Android and here is why. Microsoft is building a pretty rigid and controlled marketplace similar to what Apple has built. This stifles innovation and makes investment a calculated risk. Windows has flourished by being basically open the Android platform is similarly open which leads to innovation and unique solutions and experiences. In the current financial climate people want unique experiences that aren’t expensive and only an open platform can provide that. Android has surpassed Iphone in sales and now its just a matter of software quality. Shouldn’t be tough to bring that up with folks like Sony, Zynga and Google working on it.