WebOS 2.0 Beta Screenshot Are Sexy!

Any one who knows me knows I’m an Android guy. I love open source, I love Google, I love the promise and the power that the Android OS has. Not long ago similar promise and power was available not just in one OS but two.
Web OS was the final software product of the now defunct(read, devoured by HP) Palm company. It, like Android, is a standards based mobile OS with incredibly good fit and finish and who’s down fall was less the software and more the hardware Palm chose to put it on. Sharp looking devices that were a bit anemic compared to the likes of the iphone and Android offerings of the time. You can see below a screen shot of the application launcher from web OS.

Palm webOS Launcher ScreenshotImage via Wikipedia

Check the link below to peep some of the Web OS 2.0 beta screen shots they’re flashing around.

WebOS 2.0 beta screenshot extravaganza — Engadget

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