Quick Analysis of the Sony Ericsson Zeus, Z1, Playstation Phone

Check out this sweet new Android phone from Sony Ericsson. They haven’t given any official details as to a set name but some are calling it the Playstation Phone but more likely is the Zeus or Z1 moniker. Normally I wouldn’t care so much about this but there are some important things to note about this phone aside from it’s slide out Dpad and Playstation form factor face buttons. There is an elongated oval in the middle with two small circles in it. None of the videos I’ve seen and none of the comments I’ve read mention anything about these so I wanted to take this opportunity to posit a guess as to what they are. I’m going out on a limb but I believe thats a pair of optical track balls like the one built in to the Droid Incredible. These will function as analog thumb sticks finally giving mobile gaming the device that will enable full fledged FPS and third person navigation on a mobile gaming platform. This is very exciting news for any one who has tried to play a Socom or Metroid Prime Hunters and found the experience less than stellar.

I haven’t fully formed thoughts on some of the concepts that are possible with such a device but I’ll make some off handed comments and let you think about it for your self. What if this phone sports LTE or some form of lower latency next generation wireless presenting an always on game capable connection? What happens when you’re game changes with your location?