Barnes & Noble Nook Color Runs Android Honeycomb

For all those who have been following along with the rooting/hacking I’ve been doing with the Nook Color there are a few interesting pieces of information being dropped this morning. The first very exciting news for all those folks who all ready have Nook Colors is that Android Honeycomb has been wedged on to the Nook Color all ready! Go here to get some of that sweet Android 3.0 love.

The bad news is that Barnes and Noble, being the idiotic corporation they are are halting sales of the Nook Color so they can try to lock it down further to prevent the wonderful hacking that has been taking place with the device. So if you don’t own a Nook Color all ready go out and grab one ASAP while you still can. Lets hope they see a steep decline in sales after they do this and realize they killed the best thing they’ve had since, well, books.

Hoorah! Apparently the B&N stock issue is not due to a re-working of this awesome device but rather a bug in their stock tracking/reporting software. They’ve put the stop on just to take inventory.