Bad Taste Activision – Guitar Hero on Career Page

So I was doing what I do best. Trolling. It just so happened I was trolling career pages around the industry. Every one wants the fame and fortune associated with working for a big name video game company so I sauntered on over to Activision career page. What I was met with both saddened, amused and disgusted me at the same time.

Activision has a giant graphic of Slash, as featured in Guitar Hero, and the game featured in the video embedded on the same page. Can you say bad taste with a capital B? Didn’t they just can that game and sack a ton of employees? Why yes! I believe they did! See:

(Random samplings from a Google search on the subject)
And for the sake of posterity here is a screen shot of the offending page.
Activision career page featuring Guitar Hero