Xbox Stifling Progress Not New But Noticeable

I ran across this video earlier today. While PC vs. Xbox vs. PS3 comparisons aren’t new what is new is what we’re finding in what were previously limit pushing games are now making the cash grab for the massive gaming market. So what happens when the limit breakers stop breaking the limit?
At approx. 4:35 you’ll see that the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the door texture appear to be identical. I grabbed a screen grab for a little better look.
crysis comparison
I have adjusted the brightness to make it easier to see but that is the only alteration I’ve made. So it’s pretty obvious the PC is getting a much lower quality than it’s capable of. So instead of the line being moved forward it’s just sitting at the 360’s level. I fear what this means for the top end. With more focus on mobile gaming and, for lack of a better way to put it, lesser systems is the top end going to die? Are we starting to look at the end of the line for top end maximum limit pushing games? I hope not.