The Rick Roll In Pictures

A few days ago I came across some instructions on how to setup your own URL shortener. It appeared pretty simple so I followed the instructions. So now I have use of as my own URL shortening service. With this nifty utility at my disposal I soon realized it’s power to surprise. Unless you’ve got a twitter service that reads ahead for you there is really no way to know whats on the other end of that link. So it occurred to me that this was the perfect opportunity to perpetrate that dearest of Internet traditions. The RICK ROLL! Behold, the results.

Incident number two of the RICK ROLL looked something like this.

May be I should have titled this post “Losing Friends and Influencing People”.  Last but not least I’ve got one of my earlier attempts at the RICK ROLL in Minecraft no less.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation of some Rick Rolling in action. If you’d like to Rick Roll you’re own friends you can use my link.