PSP a GO GO. Or, how to GOify your standard PSP.

PSP GoWhats a PSP love’n gamer to do these days? The Vita looks fantastic but is still several months out. The PSP GO is just kind of awkward but the standard PSP isn’t quite cloud ready. The cost of Memory Stick is kind of cost prohibitive and carting those UMDs around is a pain. If you are a Playstation Plus member you also have access to a pretty decent collection of free Mini’s that run on your PSP and quite a few discounted price full PSP games in digital form. So how do you throw out the UMDs and bolster your storage capacity with out breaking the bank?

The answer is a MicroSD Memory Stick converter. With the cost of MicroSD dropping due to it’s popularity a 16GB MicroSD card can be had for under $17. You can check some prices at here. The Memory Stick MicroSD converter is just like the full size SD card converts that come with most MicroSD cards but is the size and shape of a Memory Stick. This allows you to put your MicroSD card in your PSP and have that expanded storage at the much cheaper price. Having purchased my converter quite a while ago I re-visited this idea and found that if you want to pony up for a pair of 16GB MicroSD cards you can now get converters that hold a pair of MicroSD cards to double your storage. You can see what Amazon has on offer for these card converts starting from around $2. As with any flash memory storage speeds do vary with card class. 2 being slowest and 10 being the fastest but most expensive. Personally I have a class 4 and other than a bit of a wait at the initial loading of a full PSP title everything else runs just as fast and slick as if I had a GO or an original UMD in place. In some cases load times are even cut a bit. On top of that with the rare exception of a few games I bought on UMD way back when I rarely, if ever, take UMDs with me or have to tote them around. It has essentially transformed my PSP in to a PSP GO.

If you find this blog post useful please use the links I provided above to purchase your components. It’ll help me feed my coffee habit. Thanks and stop back again soon!