What do you do when EA/Dice gives you the middle finger?

bf3-alpha-failSo I used to be just mildly miffed at EA because they have crappy service and their tech, I’m looking at you EA Store Downloader, never worked. But now I’m down right pissed. To the point of boycotting Battlefield 3.

I bought and played Battlefield 1942 from the day it came out. In fact I still have the original discs and key. I bought and played Battlefield 2 when it came out, lost the key and just recently re-bought it on steam. I bought Battlefield 2142 twice, once on PC when it came out and when I got a Mac I bought it for that too. I’ve played many hours of Battlefield Heroes and, while I’m afraid to admit it, might have paid for an item or two on the store. I never did buy Battlefield Bad Company because, at the time, I saw it as a travesty to the online multiplayer only nature of the game. I was wrong. So to make up for it I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 four times! Once on PC, Once on Xbox 360, Once on PS3 and then when BFBC2 Vietnam came out, to avoid the a fore mentioned crappy EA Store Downloader I re-bought it on Steam along with Vietnam. So now every one is getting invites to Battlefield 3 Alpha, except me, and as you might imagine after countless hours and dollars I am way way way beyond pissed.

I believe part of the problem is that I have two EA account. Each under my very very old yahoo account and under my newer(2008) gmail account. I’ve tried adding all the games to my games lists under both accounts. I’ve tried the tips outlined here http://bf3nation.com/2011/07/battlefield-3-alpha-bypass-anyone-can-get-in-get-your-invite-now/ and so far no luck. When I try the second suggestion from that site it tells me my account is not suitable.

It’s just about the last straw. I’m going to Quakecon next week. If I don’t have an Alpha invite by then I’ll hate EA with even more passion than before and I’ll say good bye to the game series that has brought me so much pleasure for so so long.

Now I know many of my friends are going to think I’m crazy. I’m not crazy. I have principles, balls and I’m more than willing to communicate with my cash, or with holding of. EA/Dice, fix this or lose a long time paying customer.