I managed to rescue some of my very very early writings from the Internet Archive. These were originally posted on in 2002. They are very rough, may be a little witty and a bit rude.

SavageXP June 5th 2002 – My first post!
SavageXP June 11th 2002 – The last mile via 802.11b.
SavageXP June 12th 2002 – On ISPs long standing war on peer to peer.
SavageXP June 17th 2002 – Setting up early wifi installations.
SavageXP June 21st 2002 – Robots on the loose!
SavageXP July 03rd 2002 – Battle of the Bands and Case Mods.
SavageXP July 07th 2002 – Warcraft 3 Beta, Unreal Tournament 2K3 and Americas Army.

There you have it. Old school Internet for your meandering.