Battlefield Bad Company 2 Quick Look

I hope in the next day or two prior to release to post a full blown pre-view article about Battlefield Bad Company 2 but for now I only have time for a short run down/preview. We’ll call it a “quick look” since I won’t be going in to any kind of real detail. First a disclaimer that I am in fact a Battlefield fan boy. I spent the two years prior to my deployment playing primarily Battlefield 2142.  That aside I’ve played way more than my fair share of the Call of Duty series and the R.I.P. Medal of Honor series as well. You might call me a military FPS buff of sorts. So lets get down to buisness.

Graphically this game holds its own with the latest and best which is to be expected from a title from such a huge juggernaut of gaming as DICE backed by EA. I don’t think I need to say much there. You can find video and screen shots on plenty of other sites. But akin to that is the graphical effect that the deformable terrain and destructible environments have on the game. There is nothing more spine tingling than when you make your way through a portion of the map that has all ready seen action. A space that went from pristine village to smoldering pile of rubble. This certainly isn’t the first game to do that but it is the first to involve as many particle effects, real time destruction and in such a believable way.

The level design also seems to be pretty amazing as long as it holds up. Right now the only playable map in the beta/demo is a squad rush map that appears to be part of what is no double a larger map that you play through in either the campaign or in one of the other game modes. If DICE manages to maintain the level of polish and superb map design this game will stand up to the best in over all balance and playability.

Please please please grab the demo on your Xbox 360 or find your way in to the beta on your PC. This game HAS to be played!