Look Seesmic Look

Seesmic Look is the newest Twitter client on the block coming from the creators of the original Seesmic Twitter client. It’s also one of the first real life, on your desktop examples of Microsoft’s Metro interface. This seems to me to kind of come out of left field but I’m not going to complain.

The layout and app is definitely a beautiful thing. There are two themes, a dark and a light, that are both equally beautiful and easy to read. It’s not hard to figure out lists that slide out of the way as the next one comes in to view. It also has a hint of comic book charm with it’s word bubbles and big soft edged fonts. If you can apply the word charming to software this app would be the one to use it with.
As for functionality it isn’t a power users app. There is support for all the standard functionality that you would expect from virtually any Twitter app all of which is easily accessible. The few additional features seem aimed at the newcomer to twitter who might not recognize who the go to people are on twitter. This is broken down in to interest categories which then break down to individual twitter accounts of famous people, sites or groups. Along the same lines are trends which as the title implies is a list of whats trending and a brief explanation of each. Again nothing earth shattering but if you don’t need a ton of features and you like pretty things then this is definitely for you.