Modern Warfare 2 FAIL…I Told You So!

I’m not so delighted to admit that my original post from my old blog where I detail how Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was going to fail in lord only knows how many ways is at the moment lost. My contract with my service provider was up and while I did make a backup the hard drive that backup was on was lost or stolen some where in my move to my new job. I will post my original article when I manage to recover it.

To my delight and surprise however Game Informer this month has an article about how Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a buggy problem ridden game. Despite the fact that Infinity Ward and Activision tried to convince every one that a beta won’t be necessary and neither will independently run servers. That everything was under control. We all know what happens when the ship is deemed unsinkable. Thats right a bunch of crazies who would have otherwise spent their time making mods and admining their servers now spend their time poking holes in your(Activision and Infinity Wards) unsinkable ships digital hull. The funny part is that the article in Game Informer closes down its exposition with the statement “If Infinity Ward could deliver glitch-free action, balanced game play, a steady flow of new content, I for one would be more than willing to shell out a few dollars a month for an evolving standalone multiplayer experience.” Hmmm the description sounds a lot like a description of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and it’s long term content release plans.
Now the uber game is keeping some “Bad Company 2”, yeah thats right I went there, and things aren’t quite so rosy. It’ll be fun to see how the Battlefield franchise fairs over all at the end of the year. For all those MW2 players jilted by Activision and Infinity Ward’s inability to fix the problem I truly am sorry. I wish this was one I could blame on EA.