Adagio Tea Sampler Kit

I feel like I should write something about this image. I uploaded it very early in the morning on kind of a spur of the moment because I was super excited about this Adiago tea starter kit. It includes four flavors of tea and a super slick tea steeping pot. The pot is kind of unique in that it steeps your loose leaf tea and then has a filter at the bottom so when you set the tea pot on top of your glass it drains out the bottom and filters the leaves at the same time. It’s a wonderfully useful device for loose leaf teas to include Yerba Mate. The tea is definately fresh compared to what you get at the local store but I wasn’t to thrilled with the herbal tea kit. Despite the herbals not being, for lack of a better term, “Not my cup of tea” I still look forward to trying more types of tea and hopefully finding that perfect blend that I enjoy making day after day. We live on a hugely diverse planet so I urge you to explore coffee, tea and all forms of food.