Slow Carb Diet Aftermath

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I just wanted to write a follow up to the Slow Carb diet post. I was unsuccessful at sticking with the diet. Along with my exercise and many other things my insane work schedule claims yet another victory against any ambition I have at being healthy. While I did pretty good over the period of two weeks following my last post at sticking to the diet I found it extremely hard to make and transport enough food to work with me. The time spent preparing meals etc. was prohibitive as well. I guess thats what 13+ hr work days will do to you. After that two weeks I was down only 3lbs and while I wasn’t tracking my BMI I can tell you there was no difference to the way any of my cloths fit in the least. Nothing to indicate any size had been lost.

The up side to this little experiment is that despite lack of weight loss I was feeling better all around. I’ve since altered some of my eating patterns so that I just generally feel better. I’m also drinking far far far more water than I had been drinking before. Over all this has been mostly a failure but there have been some good changes as a result. I hope others are having better luck and results.

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