How to Create a Pop_OS Install USB

Here are the instructions to create an installation USB for PopOS. The installation is a live copy of the operating system, so you can also use it for recovery or as an emergency way to get a computer up and running temporarily. There’s a full-blown browser on there, and it will run like a normal computer, just slightly slower (because USB drives are kind of slow).


  • A computer.
  • A USB drive that can be entirely overwritten.


  1. Download and install Balena Etcher on your good working computer
  2. Plug your USB drive into the computer you did step one on.
  3. Run Balena Etcher.
  4. Click “Flash from URL”
  5. Copy and paste into the Use Image URL field and click ‘ok’.
  6. Click “Select Target”
  7. Select your USB drive. Be careful here if you have multiple USB drives plugged in. This will wipe data from the drive you choose.
  8. Click “Flash”.

Congratulations! You now have a Live USB for PopOS.

You can plug this into your computer that you wish to install PopOS on and reboot the computer. Some computers may require a key combination to choose a boot device and boot, but most computers should just boot off the USB.

The USB will launch directly into the operating system setup. You can then follow the prompts to perform the install.

If you wish to use the USB as a temporary operating system or for some recovery/backup purposes, you can just close the operating system installer utility and use it like a normal desktop computer.