TweetDeck Is The Cleaner Simpler Facebook

TweetDeck WebTweetDeck is a much used, much beloved Twitter client that you could say has branched out in to being a social client. Yes it still does twitter but they’ve added support for Facebook, Google Buzz and Foursquare. In particular the Facebook functionality takes you out of that now ad laiden, cluttered Facebook interface and gives you the nice clean columns and blocks you are used to with your Twitter account. With the right set of columns and search terms you can re-create almost the entire Facebook environment with out the annoying crap. The only thing that doesnt come across are direct messages and real time IM but beyond that you can do status updates and a single post to most or all of your networks(depending on what you use). In addition the web version high lights the associated color to the account. Facebook and Foursquare are Blue, Twitter is Grey and Google Buzz is Red. So if you are tired of all the crap on facebook but don’t want to leave those friends behind try using TweetDeck to unclutter your social networks.