When We Left Earth: I Didn’t, Other People Did.

Mission: STS-41-B Film Type: 70mm Title: Views...Image via Wikipedia

“Space! The final frontier…” If you are a geek like me those words give you a little tingle up your spine. You’ve probably also contemplated, for at least a moment, becoming an astronaut and exploring the vast universe that awaits us. While thats still really expensive and only a few humans get to do it you can at least see how far we’ve come by getting your hands on an HD source of “When We Left Earth”.  A multi part documentary of our trek in to space with tons of rarely seen video inside NASA and outside the atmosphere.

They kind of down play the level of risk that the Apollo 13 astronauts were under and they highlight some other instances of sketchy space hijinks early on in the Apollo program. This I think was one of the most striking aspects of this video compilation.  Additionally there is a ton of video that I had never seen before that was extremely insightful in to what Astronauts see and go through. All of it is spectacular!

Netflix has most of it in HD streaming but they cut you short minus the last couple of disks. So you’ll have to order it up through the mail if you want the full experience. That or if you would rather own you nab the DVD from Amazon here: When We Left Earth – The NASA Missions (Limited Edition) or the Blu-ray here: When We Left Earth – The NASA Missions [Blu-ray]