Microsoft Patents 3D Desktop. Forgets Desktop Like A Room Doesn’t Work.

Several sites around the internet recently have pointed out a patent filing by Microsoft for “A method of generating a display on a computer screen in a computer system, the method comprising: defining a three-dimensional space comprising a floor, two side walls, a ceiling and a front wall;…”. While most of the posts were rather snarky none of them called the patent out for the BOBness of the idea.

Lets examine:

The patent image.

Microsoft BOB

Linked to download as wallpaper

Microsoft. The room analog thing didn’t work last time. It’s not going to work this time. Computing data that didn’t start in 3D doesn’t belong in 3D. If you aren’t one of those freaks that still has a copy stashed some place and you really really want to be you can actually still go buy a copy from some¬†independent¬†dealers. Microsoft Bob