Amazon Fire Eliminating Choice

So I’ve been baffled by all the hoopla around the new Amazon tablet. Sure it’s from Amazon, cool and sure it’s cheap, neat! But comparing it to the Ipad and making all this fuss just seems silly. Here’s what I came up with.

It can’t be the hardware. The hardware is low to mid-range android fare. It’s certainly not the software. I mean it’s Android right. We all know what to expect there. So all that really leaves is the elimination of choice. The thing is the much anticipated Ipad competitor because Amazon has taken away any decision making requirements you might experience. You can watch Amazon streaming video, download apps from the Amazon app store get Kindle books and get your music from the iTunes…errr…Amazon music store.

It would be my hope that you as a human being can understand how having choice removed is a bad thing. You are no longer able or allowed to do what you want with what you paid for. People who are ok with this situation are often referred to as sheep, or lemmings. And the worst part is that the internet’s taste makers as they are called(IRL big media) are all lined up and on board for this.

As much as I enjoy Amazon and their services I have to urge you, dear reader, to go out, buy your self a Moto Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Acer Iconia and enjoy your(mostly) choice filled standard Android experience.